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Thursday, June 4, 2020


Oh, that thing where Zuck doesn't want to backtrack on his decision to allow those toxic comments by the US president on Facebook? He simply already committed to this in his talk with the president. Now he feels he cannot turn back and digs his heels in. That's it.

And Trump? He managed to get a lot of people distracted again. But not everyone.

I'm an egg, you're an egg.

Although I am not on Facebook or Instagram anymore, I am still using WhatsApp. Sorry, Om.

Just made myself some coffee and then when I sat down at my desk again, I found out that I left the cup with nice, fresh, warm coffee at the machine in the kitchen. WTF is wrong with me today?

Everbody knows bosses don't steal (just your soul).

Apparently, surveillance in and of itself isn't enough to deter people from doing fucked-up stuff. It needs to be combined with the knowledge, that if and when you get caught, on camera for instance, there are actual and severe consequences. Police officer Chauvin was not really fearing the consequences of his actions. Let's hope that the outrage that followed will bring about the change that is so needed (everywhere). Actions have consequences, that is just how it works, but to make those consequences more immediate 'the system' needs some pretty hefty adjustments.

First time in months (since the beginning of the pandemic) A. could go to drawing class again. I took her to Nijmegen for that. The art academy moved to a new location, an old, converted army base. Very cool.

Blowing off steam

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