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Monday, June 8, 2020


My consciousness's stream.

Can I wear this dress from now on when I go out? ... Who am I kidding, I am never going out again. Have you seen the weather forcast?

I am not on the internet constantly. If I want to say something here, I do not have to immediately be able to post it, put it out there. So, a lot of the time, I collect, write, think about stuff. And then, maybe, I put it out there. Or, I am already behind my computer so then it's easy to post.

Hey. What are you reading? What book is on your nightstand or in your hands, right now? Why? Should I read this?

What if Facebook would stop injecting news in their feeds and would only show the social post of your 'friends'? And what if the next tweet you see at the top of the list is the most recent one, not the most hyped one? Or, if Google, instead of trying to be clever about user engagement on results, would just try and serve you up the objectively best results for your query? What if social media would stop being one, big popularity contest?
I think the world would look completely different. How can we make this happen? What do we need to do so this changes? I'm asking an honest question. Of course I don't have the answer. But maybe, when the right people put their hearts and minds together, we could see real change happening.

Swarms of locusts fill the sky